Dec 23, 2017

Revised Third Edition Guidebook Coming Soon

Attention to any prospective 2018 thru-paddlers!

Minor changes are being made to The Northern Forest Canoe Trail Through-Paddler's Companion. The revised edition will be ready in January 2018. Revisions include:
  • The addition of a new Saranac River Campsite after the High Falls Carry (coming in the summer of 2018)
  • Information regarding the East Highgate dam removal and portage
  • Added service and location noted for East Berkshire, Vermont along the Missisquoi River (convenience store)
  • Deletion of the reference to Spencer Stream "unofficial" campsite (the landowners have requested no camping here)
  • Typos
All of this information (except the typos) can also be found on the Northern Forest Canoe Trail website under Trail Updates.